Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little catching up to do.

I haven't been very diligent in getting my daily posts out and I still have my contest to do but I've been a little tied up trying to be more diligent at housework (BLAGH). So here is what we did this weekend.

Saturday was our annual Lagoon day for Garin's work. It's their nice way of saying thanks to the employees and we look forward all year to attending.

Everyone soaked after Rattlesnake Rapids. We had fun being able to go on more rides together and our 2 oldest are all about roller coasters. We took turns with them.
Livvy wasn't so sure about the spinning rides, she kept saying ' it makes me have a stomach'.
Her sisters were sweet and helped her along.
Sunday was Amellia's 7th birthday. Being Sunday and since we all were tired from the day before so it was a low key celebration. But now that she has made her list and has her b-day money tomorrow is a much anticipated shopping trip.

4 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, happy birthday, sweet Amellia! {Sorry I called right when you were in the middle of celebrating. Ooops.}

That's pretty cool that Garin's company does this fun thing as a Thank You. I know we would look forward to it every year if it were us!

No worries about posting. We all get it. You've kept up more then before and that's great. I like being able to come here for my daily dose of Bethany! :) But your family needs their daily dose of cleaning, too! haha

kdaygirl said...

So fun that u all got to go together and have fun. I hope it was a nice day and not to cold. House work is a nessesary evil, that we all must do. Your girls are getting so big!!!

Murray said...

wow! i love love love lagoon!!! that is so great and looks like the kids had a blast!

shaina said...

Happy birthday!! I remember when we were both pregnant, you with Amelia and me with Keaton. He will be 7 next week.

Glad you had a fun time at Lagoon. Miss ya.