Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did ya hear the one.....

Riley told me this joke yesterday:

What did Dela*ware to the Ball????

I*da*ho??? Al*ask*a!

She learned at class shes taking about the States. I thought it was a good one ;)
My kids love to tell jokes. They always make up their own that are complete nonsense but some how still hilarious. I'm always glad when I get a real (and actually funny) one.
Do you have a good one?

4 friends said...:

Sharon Carpenter said...

a New Jersey

shaina said...

She made that up on her own? That's pretty good.

Queen of Chaos said...

Kids say {and learn} the funniest things! Cute joke.

The Girls' Mom said...

Good one Sharon! No she didn't make it up.