Monday, November 17, 2008


Earlier this month we took our kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland as a Christmas present for our family. We just piled them in the car @ 5:30 am [after we had secretly packed] and after we started driving told them where we were going- I expected screaming but they just stared blankly and said they didn't believe us! We went early so that we could get there at a slow time of the year. I would say it was perfect, our longest line was 45 minute. We were able to go on many of our favorite rides

Another surprise that the girls got was that my parents were able to come with us. We also got to visit with other family members that live in California while we were there. (Tye-dye thanks to EMM- we love them)

We all were surprised one morning when we arrived and found that The Jonas Brothers were taping a concert for a Christmas program- that was fun.The BUZZ Blasters had to be a one true favorite, we all loved being able to see who could get the highest score. Others included Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, The Tower of Terror and California Screamin' . Olivia was really into riding rides, most times I dragged her kicking and screaming and then she would be fine. Her favorite was the Enchanted Tiki room, I think she saw it 3 times.They just opened Pixie Hollow with the release of the Tinkerbell movie so we got to meet all the fairies.

The Haunted Mansion was decorated in a 'Nightmare after Christmas' theme. The decorations were fun but I liked the original ride much better. I like a little spooky.The Castle was decorated for Christmas.Hooray for good times, good fun and good memories!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Brunch

I apologize if there is anyone out there who actually comes to read my Sunday Brunch and it hasn't been here. I have been a little busy lately and it has kept me from my computer. With that being said I move on to the topic I chose today- forgiveness.

Actually, I was inspired but the primary lesson today which was I Can Forgive. I had to fill in in a pinch and it has had me thinking. Forgiveness really is such a complex idea, especially where it deals with the Savior and atonement. The 5 year olds I taught today learned that it makes you happy and it is a way to do as Jesus would do.

If I want to be like Jesus and be happy, why is forgiveness so hard? Maybe pride, maybe holding on to being wronged allows for justification in other situations? Is it harder to forgive loved ones than strangers?

The Savior taught that if we forgive our trespassers we will be forgiven of the Father. (Matt 6:14-15)

I have some forgiving that I need to do. Some of it is daily little things, some of it is a little harder and more hurtful. I am accepting a challenge to forgive someone/something in an effort to brighten my holiday season and feel the Savior a little closer. I hope that I can do it and move forward. I encourage you to ponder this idea as well.

Have a wonderful day and you can read more Sunday Brunch from the Queen of Chaos

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween review

My kids love to pick obsure things to be for halloween. I like it because it is fun to be inventive in putting together their costumes. Here's our 2008 line up.
Olivia chose an easy fairy- we just hit the dress up box.
Garin was 'Ron Weasley'. At work each department chooses a theme and they compete for best design and stuff. This was the only picture I got of him that day. We were heading to our Trick or Treat on Main Street with the Free's.

Amellia wanted to be a golfer. Fortunately it was an uncommonly warm day.

Claire was 'Shirley Temple'. She is wearing a dress that was mine when I was 3 or 4 yrs old.

Riley is ZOONR-J5 aka The Cat from Outer Space.

Happy Birthday Olivia- {back in October} It is hard for me to believe she is 4 years old!! We did her & Claire's room for a gift this year. They wanted an 'ice cream' room so here is what we came up with. The 'treats' on the wall are printed on foam core. I still have one wall that is blank so I think I will cut out their names in foam core and cute paper.