Monday, September 28, 2009

She can be so sweet and innocent and silly and fun.

But she has a secret.
Somewhere behind her impish smile and cartoon-like voice lies a violent creature.
A creature who daily, at any time, unleashes its terror on the world.
We captured a brief encounter with that creature.
Prepare yourself, it is not for those with sensitive ears.

{The story behind this video is that I had been threatening her that I would video her behavior and show it to her in an effort to get her to stop. Well she tried to hide behind a book. I thought it was hilarious that the book happened to have a pirate face on it.}

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time flies when you aren't getting any sleep.

We just love our new little guy! Everyone is enjoying having a little baby to hold and cuddle. {Accept for Max who would prefer to ignore him still} We are all anxiously awaiting the day when he smiles out of a response to the person he sees instead of a response to what he feels in his tummy.

His tummy does cause him a little trouble and he spends a lot of his day grunting in his sleep, poor thing. He is able to sleep through just about anything but hunger. His sisters can scream and run and play and the dog can bark like a banshee and he won't flinch. But give him and empty tummy and hes like a grumpy little bear.
Now like I mentioned he can sleep through anything but he has a very sensitive startle reflex when he is awake- I don't understand it. When he we change his diaper we have to be careful to go slow, play music, cover him with a blanket a little and take what ever precautions necessary to keep him calm and feeling secure otherwise, for some crazy reason, he scares himself hysterical. At that point he is crying like a baby goat and is desperate to be held and cuddled.

Sunday was his first day at church. He looked so handsome in the little 'tie' onesie I made for him.

He is really starting to chunk out! He loves to eat and I feel like that is all I do all day sometimes. At his 2 week visit he had already grown 2 inches and gained over a pound and a half. I'm anxious to see his progress at his next visit.

This is him 2 weeks ago, it is amazing how fast they change and grow! I can't believe he is already one month old!