Monday, September 28, 2009

She can be so sweet and innocent and silly and fun.

But she has a secret.
Somewhere behind her impish smile and cartoon-like voice lies a violent creature.
A creature who daily, at any time, unleashes its terror on the world.
We captured a brief encounter with that creature.
Prepare yourself, it is not for those with sensitive ears.

{The story behind this video is that I had been threatening her that I would video her behavior and show it to her in an effort to get her to stop. Well she tried to hide behind a book. I thought it was hilarious that the book happened to have a pirate face on it.}

5 friends said...:

kdaygirl said...

That was super funny! We have one like that. We resort to cold showers, which sounds awful but the min we say Do you want a cold shower, she stops!

The Smiths said...

My boys can't believe this is Claire!!! Love the laughing parents in the background. If we couldn't laugh we'd go crazy. :)

Baden and Emily said...

I thought the face on the book was Satan~

The Hoopes Girls said...

Just wanted to say that Presly, Sophie and I are missing you and your family!

Riley said...