Sunday, February 24, 2008


went by so fast! I didn't even make one post! So here is my recap of the month.
Valentine's day was fun...

besides the freakish snow storm we had. The day before we could see our lawn and my kids were excited that Spring must be coming. On the 14th we woke to this- 2ft of snow- and many tears were shed.
That night Garin took me on a date.

This Valentine's Day commemorated the 10 year anniversary of our first Valentine's Day together. Garin took me bowling - which is what we did on our first Valentine's with Shaina and Rich and Garrett and his date. It was fun remembering all the wackiness of 10 years ago and the love we have shared since.
Also this month we had a fun get together with some of the Weber Clan.

I've known the Weber's since I was 16. Shaina has been a dear friend and roommate and helped introduced me to Garin. Their whole family is like family to me. Shaina and her family were passing through on their way to South Carolina and invited us to get together. We had a blast playing games, catching up and reminiscing. It felt like old times {with 21 kids and all our spouses added on} pictured from the left: Me, Shaina, Sharon, Melissa(James' wife), Kim,& Courtney

In other news- Amellia was excited to finally lose her bottom teeth and gain some bragging rights and $$$ from the tooth fairy. {Although our tooth fairy is consistently late} Amellia is very paitent.

And finally -just for a chuckle- this is how we found our dear sweet Olivia the other night. No point in sneaking a bedtime snack if you can't stay awake long enough to enjoy it!