Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Brunch

I apologize if there is anyone out there who actually comes to read my Sunday Brunch and it hasn't been here. I have been a little busy lately and it has kept me from my computer. With that being said I move on to the topic I chose today- forgiveness.

Actually, I was inspired but the primary lesson today which was I Can Forgive. I had to fill in in a pinch and it has had me thinking. Forgiveness really is such a complex idea, especially where it deals with the Savior and atonement. The 5 year olds I taught today learned that it makes you happy and it is a way to do as Jesus would do.

If I want to be like Jesus and be happy, why is forgiveness so hard? Maybe pride, maybe holding on to being wronged allows for justification in other situations? Is it harder to forgive loved ones than strangers?

The Savior taught that if we forgive our trespassers we will be forgiven of the Father. (Matt 6:14-15)

I have some forgiving that I need to do. Some of it is daily little things, some of it is a little harder and more hurtful. I am accepting a challenge to forgive someone/something in an effort to brighten my holiday season and feel the Savior a little closer. I hope that I can do it and move forward. I encourage you to ponder this idea as well.

Have a wonderful day and you can read more Sunday Brunch from the Queen of Chaos

2 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Ah, forgiveness. It's the one perfect gift our Father and His son have given us yet we can not seem to take advantiage of it and seek it like we should.

Pride. It's pride all the way that keeps us from fully understanding and enjoying this gift.

I hold grudges BIG time. If someone does something to hurt me I will never forget it and it will be a very, very long time before I can even begin the forgiving process. This is one of my major weakenesses. Though, I will say, through time and living life and having to go through the repentance process over and over again- it is becoming a little easier for me to forgive.

We are supposed to be become like little children. I only hope I can reach that goal one day!

The Free Family said...

Thanks for that. I have a lot of forgiving to do as well. I think it is just as hard to forgive yourself too. We are our hardest critics.