Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween review

My kids love to pick obsure things to be for halloween. I like it because it is fun to be inventive in putting together their costumes. Here's our 2008 line up.
Olivia chose an easy fairy- we just hit the dress up box.
Garin was 'Ron Weasley'. At work each department chooses a theme and they compete for best design and stuff. This was the only picture I got of him that day. We were heading to our Trick or Treat on Main Street with the Free's.

Amellia wanted to be a golfer. Fortunately it was an uncommonly warm day.

Claire was 'Shirley Temple'. She is wearing a dress that was mine when I was 3 or 4 yrs old.

Riley is ZOONR-J5 aka The Cat from Outer Space.

5 friends said...:

Kenna Wilson said...

They are always so cute at Halloween. I love their customes.

kdaygirl said...

I love the costumes! What did u dress up as???

The Girls' Mom said...

My same costume as every year. A bedraggled mother!!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

Very inventive and fun for them. I especially love the 'Shirley Temple' outfit. Happy Halloween!

Murray said...

How cute are they!!! Looks like alot of fun! We didn't get to dress up this year because matt had to work ...There is always next year! :)