Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy 1st Blog-versary to me!

Hooray! I made it one whole year of blogging. I started blogging because a couple of my friends had started one and it seemed like it met all the needs I wanted out of my myspace page that I wasn't getting. It also has been a fun way to feel like I'm keeping a journal.
I have loved getting to share my daily life with my family and friends who live so far and some who are close. I have enjoyed being able to share our fun and my thoughts and feelings.
So for my blog-versary I have set a couple goals for myself. I will blog everyday even if it is just a random nothing. I want to increase my readership but 10%. This is where you come in. I want you to post a link on your blog of your favorite post of mine or something you think your readers would like about me. I'm looking to make new friends and find some old.
I will check everyone on my favorites list to see who played and have a drawing. I don't have a prize to show or woo you with because I want it to be tailored to the winner. Ill close my contest on WED. the 10th.
So here is to another year and many more to come! Thanks for reading and being apart of my life. I look forward to sharing more time with all my blogging buddies out there no matter how near or far you are.
Have a good Sabbath.

5 friends said...:

Sharon Carpenter said...

woo! those are some goals!! the blog link is a good idea... i'll see what i can do

Queen of Chaos said...

I'm so glad you're a blogger! It's been fun having you and so many others people I know online- making journals of their lives and thoughts to keep up with.

I have made many friends by blogging and that's been cool. On my writing blog I've met almost all my author friends in person and that is awesome. Blogging is a great way to get to know people you thought you already knew...but didn't and new friends.

I will add you to my post tomorrow and give your link! With you being on my Sunday Brunch list you will probably get more visitors that way too. :)

Love ya!

shaina said...

I loved hearing about your christmas traditions with your ornaments. What a clever thing to have started.
I also love the blog post where you tell about yours and Garin's history.

(Because I had a small part in that...)
I love that even though we are old and married now, we can still be the best friends we were growing up.

The Free Family said...

I love the idea....I'll have to think of my fave.. I enjoy them all.

BrittanyLane said...

Happy blogiversary! I just found you via Shaina's blog. I'm good friends with her sister Sharon. Love your blog. The pictures with your girl's names are super cute.