Monday, September 15, 2008

Laura and 'Manly'

I have always loved The Little House on the Prairie television series. My favorite episodes are the ones when Laura falls in love with Almanzo. At one point when I was living in Provo I could watch it 3 times a day if my work schedule fell at the right times. I remember sitting with my roommates sapping over the romance. I still watch it nearly everyday and have hooked my children now as well. (Hubby still just rolls his eyes- I'll get him soon!)

Strangely I have never read the books, I don't know how that happened. So for school we are beginning to read the series together and practice some pioneering skills. I recently (on my own) finished Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is about Almanzo as a boy. I just loved this book it was so endearing. Not only was it an interesting story but filled with life lessons and useful information in regards to planting and harvesting. I don't have any boys of my own, but if I did I would encourage them to read this book.

Laura and Almanzo Wilder
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5 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, sweet! I loved LHOTP when I was a kid- but never really got into it as an adult. I can't tell you why- since I LOVE old time movies and stuff about history. Maybe it's because I don't really know what's going on from episode to episode so I don't bother. I think it's cool that you've gotten your girls into it now.

Farmer Boy sounds like a great read. And this is an awesome picture, BTW. :)

shaina said...

Wow. Look at the picture. Not what I expected.
I think the first books I ever got was the complete collection. I was so happy! I loved the last book that talked about their first years together.

My kiddos sometimes watch it if we happen upon it. I'm going to have to look up the schedule. I'm with you. I loved it when Laura "all of the sudden" stopped wearing braids and was engaged.
And lest we forget, I have the picture that referenced "Mary's apples".

Gumbie said...

Keep on trying "sucka'" you'll never rope me into it (que evil laugh, Ha Ha Ha Ha!!). Although the picture of them is pretty cool. I never think of them as fact only fiction.

lmerie said...

I watched it faithfully too growing up. And many times when adding to pepper to a recipe, I think of the episode when Laura trashed Almanzo and Nellie's dinner. One of my sons has read the book and said it was good. Watching the series would be useless with 3 guys in the house . . .I would have no peace!! hehe

Elissa said...

Hmmm. I have boys but I can't convince them to read the book. I've read it, though, along with the rest of the series. They are sitting on my shelf with all the other books I wish my boys would read. But, also, my dearest husband has introduced them to the world of graphic novels.

Bye-bye chapter books. (sigh)