Monday, October 1, 2007

My Baby Boy

No, I'm not making any announcements. This is my baby boy, Max.

He is a 'Schaunocker' puppy (1/2 Schnauzer, 1/2 Cocker Spaniel). We brought him home in June. I never thought I'd see the day he would come to our home because when we were first married Garin swore there would be no pets. But his heart softened to a soft batting of my eyes {and years of pleading}.

He is the little baby of the house and knows it, too. He knows I'm the Mommy and just like any baby prefers to nap on Mommy's lap. We've had fun taking him camping with us and having his companionship. He is a funny little dog that when ever he does something that he knows is naughty he immediately comes and begs forgiveness before we even know what hes done. He enjoys chasing leaves that blow in the wind, skateboarders, and cars. To any crinkling sound of a bag made in the kitchen, he is there in a heart beat trying desperately to have good manners in hopes of a treat. The girls have loved having him as a little playmate. Recently he has been losing his teeth and they find great fun in looking in his mouth and checking which ones are gone and which have grown in. Riley found one on her bed the other day. We love our little baby boy:)
He is our best chance so far of having a son and brother! (ha-ha)

4 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

What a darlin' he is:) Is your dogs name baby boy? Just curious, since I didn't read a name. "Baby boy" is a cute name for him. Garin-that's so nice of you to give into Bethany. Her bedroom eyes do have that effect on ya huh? hehe

I must say- you either have one heck of a dog or you can paint a pretty picture of owning one. I'm not a 'dog' person myself but if I had one as great as yours...we'd get one tomorrow! ;)

Queen of Chaos said...

Doh- I feel pretty retarded right now! :S

Max is an adorable name for your baby boy.

The Girls' Mom said...

Trust me he poops enough around the house that it isn't all sunshine and roses! Hes trying though.

sharon c... that's me said...

oh he's so handsome:) How are you bethany? your family is so cute! yeah i don't think i'll watch the fountsin again, and the previews made it look so good, but the whole tree thing was too weird. jamie (my bro) thought it was so good, he's said "it's all about living your life..." but i think i could make a better movie about living your life with out creeping people out:)