Friday, October 19, 2007

All we need is LOVE.

One reason I love to home school is all the fascinating things I get to learn too.

Today we were learning about the colony at Jamestown. This is something that I have been interested in since I was about 9 years old because we lived near it at that time. I love the story of Pocahontas and her people. Her father who's name is Wahunsonacock { something I learned today} but we know as Powhatan is said to have asked John Smith "Why should you take by force from us that which you can obtain by love?".

Now this question was all about the settlers stealing food and such but when I read those words I thought of how applicable it is to us today in many ways. My first thought was 'Maybe I need to butter my kids up a little before I announce chore time?'. But seriously this idea could be an important tool for me as a parent as I am always feeling so forceful. Can I love them into chores and pleasantness?

Another thought I had is, how much more would we be inclined to fulfill our civic duties to vote and attend city council meetings and etc if we felt that the politicians actually cared how each of his or her constituents thought or felt. If we felt that they had a love for the people, the kind you feel from President Hinckley, would we have the social problems we have now? If we felt love and concern would we feel so helpless and backed into a corner by the rising prices of all the necessities of life?

If we smiled more would people be so pushy at the store or any other place where there are lines involved? Would you honk your horn the next time someone cut you off on the road if you had a little love in your heart? Maybe more people should ask this question of themselves and others.

Really this idea isn't new, Christ has proclaimed it for centuries. Love for all man kind is the key to happiness. I just wish it wasn't so hard to do sometimes! Thank goodness for repentance.

Today I'm so glad that I home school.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, I love your thoughts and comments. We kind of get a small glimpse of this type of social atmosphere at Christmas time- I guess that's probably why so many people love the Christmas season.

When our heart is filled with love we can forgive easier and not find so much fault in one another or ourselves. Just as you put it- Be more Christlike. That is our goal isn't it?

Ususally. to better ourselves, we need to read of others' experiences {like your history lesson or in the scriptures} to see our strengths and weaknesses. The end result is to learn to be MORE Christlike. :)

Thank you for sharing this Bethany.

shaina said...

Great perspective, Bethany. I'm taking it to heart.