Saturday, October 13, 2007

Held captive in Forks

So I haven't written in a few days because all of my free time (and some not so free) has been held captive by the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. I read all three in about 5 days. Now I know that I am a little of a late bloomer on these books because I have been focusing on reading 'the classics' and haven't really read much else. Earlier this year I read Dracula by Bram Stoker so when someone suggested that I had to read these I was intrigued. Unlike most books I was immediately drawn in. Even though they are written for a younger audience I found the story to be very interesting and exciting. If you haven't read the books yet, take some to- they are worth it. Check this out for more on what they are all about:

If you have read the books here are some of my thoughts.

I've tried hard in my endeavor to read 'the classics' to look for themes and ideas in the story, in Twilight I loved an idea that is brought up by one of the Cullens( I can't remember if it is Edward or Carlise). I don't have the book in front of me so I can't quote it exactly but one of the characters talks about not having complete control over what life deals you and needing to do the best you can with it, with the knowledge you have, in their case specifically of right and wrong. To some degree we are all 'monsters' and have to 'put off the natural man' despite the station we find ourselves in life. We can't use excuses of poverty or wealth, trauma or abuse, etc. It reminds me of Jane Eyre. Jane always chooses the right, almost to a fault, but it makes me reflect on the easy of my circumstances and how much I misbehave.

I enjoyed New Moon but I could not focus on it as intently because I was too sympathetic to Bella's pain and had to try not to remember the times when I felt like I was 'holding my self together'.

Eclipse is a toss up for me. I loved the story line and the action and suspense. I was completely disturbed by the controlling nature of Edward's and Bella's relationship. I'm glad that the author chooses to have them compare parts of their life to Heathcliff's and Cathy's in Wuthering Heights. { if you have read Wuthering Heights - never mind that is a whole neither tangent. I read Jane Eyre to recover from Wuthering Heights } They were just as destructive to the world around them. I was also disappointed that Bella is constantly trying to entice Edward to make love to her. Since this is written for teenagers and many young teenagers I know have read it, I wish the author would have addressed the situation differently. I think it was enough to have her so against marriage. Teenage girls have it hard enough with the pressure around them I think it makes it hard to see someone that they may relate to or come to know ( even if they are fiction) make choices like that and not put some of that back on themselves. It send a confusing message. Thank goodness Edward has amazing self control and above all is still a gentleman.

Over all I loved this story and greatly anticipate the books still to come. Happy reading!

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Queen of Chaos said...

I'm happy you found the Twilight series. :) It's a fun read that's for sure. Before 'Eclipse' was published- I thought I was going crazy with anticipation. I agree with many of your observations. Though, in 'Eclipse' when Bella is begging for Edward to make love to her... I will speak for the author in this instance. {Stephenie happens to be a good friend of mine and has spoke to me about it}

Edward is the perfect gentleman, has high standards and isn't so 'worldly' as Bella. Bella thinks acts and reacts a lot like a normal teen would. Normal teens have raging hormones and deal with deciding whether or not to have sex before marriage or not. Edward makes a stand for what is right: Marriage first before we cross the sacred intimate line.

I am proud of Stephenie for writing both points of view. Also-Steph wants all the gals who are in a similar situation to realize there IS a higher standard out there and there ARE great guys who hold to it. Even though Edward is fiction- she hopes gals will up their stnadards because of Edward has. Her hope isfor young men who read these books to see tis value as well and hopes they will seek a higher standard in the midst of so much temptation.{As I said- Steph told me all this herself}

Also, these boks were never intended for a youth audience. Stephenie would have them in another category all together- her publisher 'Little Brown' made the decision for the genere against her wishes. Steph even warned them that book 3 would have more adult content in it- {she has stated to me and publically she will never write about gratuitious sex}and it should be published accordingily. As a writer- your wishes are hardly ever granted.

Gumbie said...

I just have to say that I am one lucky man to be married to this woman! Every single day there is something I my life that reminds me of this fact. Especially when I read her blog, I don't know what i would do without her. To use a really cheesey but true quote.."She is my better half, and she completes me!" She keeps me going down the right path and keeps my mind on the things that they should be on. There are so many things that I could say to her but I will just leave it at I Love You!

sharon c... that's me said...

i really liked these books too, i went to barnes and noble to read them:) (i sat there for a couple of hours a day to read them, it was fun) anyways i have a theory... i think that charlie is gonna fall in love with mrs. clearwater (seth's and leah's mom) i think her name is beth, and they will get married and then charlie wil be in on the secret:) i also think something is going to happen to bella where she is so close to death she can only be saved if she is turned into a vampire... needless to say i'm just waiting for the next book

The Girls' Mom said...

I like your theories Sharon! Ill have too think about the Charlie one. I also thought that about Bella.

shaina said...

Good books! I agree with your comments. That suprised me a bit, that she would write from that viewpoint.