Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carvin' Time.

Every year the girls design on paper (those who can) what they want Daddy to carve their pumpkin to look like. And Garin spends hours fulfilling their wishes, this year he got done early - we were in bed by midnight!

The wards in our building combine to have a little carnival and Trunk or Treat this year. We took our pumpkins to the contest. Everyone recieved an award, here is what we won:

Riley- Most Tradtional.

Amellia- Best Cheerful Smile

Claire- Most Triangular

Olivia- Most Mouthy

As you can tell the judges were stretching but they were so excited to win, especially Riley. I think it was the highlight of her night.

3 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

So fun! I love all the pumpkins.

We didn't carve one single pumpkin this year. :0 I'm surprised. We had lots to do- and several parties this year. Maybe next year...

shaina said...

Great pumpkins!

I have to say, that's one big clock you have in your kitchen!

The Girls' Mom said...

I love my clock! I think it is kind of whimsical.