Monday, October 1, 2007

The Greatest Snow on Earth...


that is what we boast here in Utah. But why, oh why, can it not seem to wait to fall until winter! Only a week after the official start of fall (and a previous days' temperature of 80F) we received an inch of snow! That's what I get for being excited that fall was here and enjoying the temperate climate and wonderful sunlight. Snow does put you in the mood for cozying up with someone you love, with socks on and a blanket, sipping hot cocoa or Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I should be giving thanks right now for the much need relief to dry, thirsty state.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Wow! Already? And just after an 80 degree day...amazing. Looking at your photo makes me want to run up and down your street with my kids with our mouth opened wide! I love snow...but from a distance. Enjoy it efore it's REALLY snowing there. :)