Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lazy Blogger

So I admit it, I've been a lazy blogger. By the time I read all the fun on everyone else's I'm just kind of done and need to move on. I have decided if I want to read I need to post. I always get these ideas of what I want to post and then never do it. I need to exercise will power.

Here is my catch up for March.
We had a fun day at the zoo. My friend Gretchen and I convinced our husbands to take the day off and go with us. It was so much more of a sane and fun experience than last year when we went and lost children at various times of the day. Afterward we treated ourselves to lunch at Famous Dave's. I was happy the kids were still pretty well behaved after such a long day- except for the moment Olivia felt the need to scream at the top of her lungs for no reason.

For Easter this year the Easter bunny came on Saturday, it helped make 9am church the next day and the spirit of the morning go a lot smoother and peaceful. One sad thing in the chaos- no pictures :( I did get one of them with their gifts from Marme and Papaw though and have already scrapped it.

Easter afternoon we went to Garin's parents house for dinner and an egg hunt with the whole Redding clan and to celebrate Bill's 60th birthday. Our cousin Brandi had the idea to let the kids decorate bags to use in the hunt. They loved it, some of them dumped their eggs out when they were done to keep decorating.

I made the birthday cake and Garin picked the topper- a pinata. I was big and crazy but fit the personality we all love so much.

Lastly we had a visit from our friends the Weber's that live in Phoenix. We all had a good time staying up late and just hanging out. The kids had a great time and Max got all the walks a dog could dream of, I think that was there favorite pastime.

So with all that I'm kind of tired and have been laying low- well as low as possible.

5 friends said...:

Brianne said...

You did an amazing job on Bill's Cake. Thank you so much for taking the time to make mayley her little cupcake also!! You are great Bethany! :)
The Easter Bunny scrap page turned out super cute!! You're girls are the cutest!

kdaygirl said...

Your girls are to sweet Bethany, I love to see pics of them.

Queen of Chaos said...

Hey, don't be too down on yourself. You've been blogginf a little more lately! I'm just thrilled you blog! Anything you post, even if they are few and far between in much anticipated.

Bill's cake topper is hilarious! Good choice, Garin! It really is Bill all the way. :)

Our kids had so much fun at your place. It was very hard for them to leave. {me too}
Max was the icing on the cake for them. Poor Max, he must miss those many, many, many walks. hehe

Oh, did Grethen finish Eclipse yet? Shouldn't she be done like reading all three for the second time by now? hahaha

shaina said...

Love the blog post, ruby-sue. The easter pictures are cute, and you did great on the layout! Love Bill's cake. You are right. It fit his personality exactly.

Wendi Murray said...

i love all the pictures!! you were in phoenix???? ya should have let us know we could have caught up! :)