Sunday, April 27, 2008

taking a deep breath

Today I realized that I can be Primary President and everything is going to be okay.
At 8:30 this morning (1/2 hour before church) I had 2 teachers call and say they wouldn't be there, one of which had to do Sharing Time. So with Garin's help (XOXO) and some inspiration I threw a great Sharing time together and it all worked out fine. The kids were even amazingly reverent. I feel really blessed today.
I learned today that there is only so much I can do and the rest Heavenly Father makes up for- thank goodness.

8 friends said...:

sharon c... that's me said...

hurray, it can be fun, seriously:) at the end of the day all the stress is worth it, i just got done with our primary activity yesterday, and that was so stressful, but totally woth it

shaina said...

You can do it!

On tip I got from our last primary president: Don't answer the phone Sunday mornings!

Queen of Chaos said...

What a blessing, indeed. It's awesome how Heavenly Father really can and does help us times of need.

I'm happy to read this post. It makes me feel better about being able to get through these next few months without Warren here. I will need Heavenly Father more then ever.

The Free Family said...

I always knew you'd be great!!! The kids are lucky to have you. Maybe you can help bring Jordan's mom back from inactivity. I hear she hasn't been there in awhile! :)

Shavonne said...

Great job Bethany, it's nice to have that reminder. I definately have my share of reminder: "Oh, Yeah" moments when I realize He's there to help.
But speaking of cute layouts from my blog, I really like yours!

kdaygirl said...

I think that u will make a great primary president. U have so many talents that we can all learn so much from. I bet the kids love u!!!

Wendi Murray said...

you know what they say about primary presidents...haha jk! :)

Gumbie said...

I still think that you are not telling me something. You think you are sneaky, don't you?
I too think that we really need to work on getting Jordan's mom back into activity (man what a freakin' slacker), she really need some help. Maybe she has been offended or something?

I have to give you the thumbs up on how you always handle yourself in your callings, unlike your looser husband! You always do such a great job, giving so much of yourself to what you do.

I love you!