Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poor Riley

I feel so bad for Riley. In a final attempt to rid her of Strep she has had to take this awful antibiotic. It kills almost everything good and bad, we have to take small precautions to make sure she doesn't get other various infections. The worst part of it all is the taste she has to endure. I can't even imagine the flavor, I've only had to smell it. My best description of the smell is the worst cherry scent you can think of mixed with poo-- yes POO!. The smell is enough to make you gag or even light-headed. The first few times she took it it was hard for her not to throw up ( she has to take it on a full stomach). We have system now that seems to help.
1. A few drops of lemon juice- to distract her tastebuds.
2. Throw back the medicine- with lots of jumping around.
3. Drink gulps and gulps of water.
4. End with a piece of gum.

She is more brave than I, she barely complains. I think she really is hoping to not be sick anymore.

3 friends said...:

sharon c... that's me said...

she's so brave, since i was preggo with jayners, i have such a weak stomach

shaina said...

oh that is so hard. Hope it works!

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, no! I feel so bad for her too. Poor thing. :..(

What about getting a shot? Tucker and Spencer both got the shot. I think that would be better then taking the Cherry/Poo meds. {YUCK!}