Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jane and the Dragon

My girls and I adore this show!

3 friends said...:

Shavonne said...

That looks like a cute show, it has a snappy little opening song! haha, cute blog Bethany!

Queen of Chaos said...

I've never heard of it before. What channel is it on or is it a movie? It looks really neat.

Enjoying 'The Great and Terrible Beauty'? I haven't been able to finish 'Rebel Angels' yet because I get car sick...bummer. But now that we're home I hope to finish it quick so I can move onto the
3rd book 'The Sweet Far Thing'.

Our trip home was good. Warren decided we could break the trip in half like I hoped- we stopped overnight in Page.

We had a blast with you guys! Thank you for having us in your home. The kids are really missing your girls already. I talked with Emmalese more about being a pen pal with Riley. She is very excited. I was thinking they could do it through Rainbow Academia. What do you think? Or would real letters be better? Conner writes to his friend Lacie via paper letters. They love it.

Your SO busted, girl! I wish I never had Bajio! I'm totally craving it!

The Girls' Mom said...

It is on qubo. We see it Sat am's on nbc I think. It is based of a book series. Glad you are home okay. ;) I have the book on the back burner while I finish A Tale of Two Cities for my book club. Take care and Ill talk to you soon-