Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My First Digital Scrapbook Page!

I'm so excited to have done my first page! Thanks to Autumn's help and Garin's hours of tutoring in photoshop (thank you dear!). I just love having this option for scrapbooking. I can make mistakes, leave it out with getting 'help' from my kids, the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite things is that I got everything on the page (plus tons of other stuff) as FREEBIES from Digital Scrapbook Place!

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Gumbie said...

Great job sweetheart. You did awesome, for as much as I was able to show you in photoshop, to be able to do what you did was spectacular. I hope you have hours of fun with your new found scrap booking past time. Thanks for being patient with me and my sad way of teaching photoshop. I love you.

Queen of Chaos said...

This is darling, Bethany!! I'm very impressed. :)
YIPPPEEEEE---you're a digi chick!

When I come you will already know what I know...and I'll be learning from you.

I will take the liberty in emailing you many {too many} links for digital scrapbooking that I enjoy.

BTW- Thanks for checking out Eagles's Aerie for me! You're sweet. To bad they don't transport from Phoenix. But can you beleive it's a CHARTER afterall? SWEET!

brittany doll said...

Great job Bethany. My first digital scrapbooking page didn't look half as good! The cool thing about digital scrapbooking is that there is so much free stuff out there!! Keep up the good work.

shaina said...

Really great page! I just love texture of paper products to go completely digi, but I use my photoshop every day!

Queen of Chaos said...

I wanted to share Rebekah's new blog:


Queen of Chaos said...

LOVE your new title!!

I've made titles and set up blogs for Jade, Rebekah and my friends Melinda and Tiffany. It's been So fun for me.

Wendi Murray said...

i love it!