Monday, October 20, 2008


At our home the English language is the primary language spoken and is sometimes sprinkled with French, Spanish, Japanese or any other language for that matter. At meal times though our English is peppered with our kidspeak. If you ever dine with us, here are some translations you made need.

Frosted Mini Wheats: 'greasy sweets'
Rice Crispy Cereal: 'sizzles'
Toast cut into triangles: 'turtle toast'
a cube of butter: 'butter in the bowl'
Parkay butter spray: 'chucker butter'
a piece of cheese: 'naked cheese' {'naked' can also apply to any item that may normally have something on it but is not desired to be on it at that time. verb form is 'nakeded'}
Chicken drumsticks: 'chicken-on-a-bone'
Quesadilla: ' cheese wrapped up' or 'cheese folded up'
A half of an apple: 'a heart apple'
May I have a piece of toast?: 'May I have my bread cooked?'
Eggs: 'eggies'
Ramen: 'noodles'
refried beans with cheese: 'cheesy beans'
Ketchup: 'dip-it'
sour cream: 'cream'

Soda is generally not liked because it is too 'spicy'. Most dinner items are described with words like yuck, ewww, gross, disgusting and blahh. Also there is lots of screaming and crying as well in regards to vegetables and anything that looks different.

5 friends said...:

Elissa said...

I recognized the turtle bread! We can thank our lovely MIL for that one. She did tell me once that she thinks she came up with that because TMNT was on TV at the time her boys were younger and she was trying to speak their language. Since there were four turtles and four pieces of bread, it made sense to her. Hence the "cutting the toast into turtles." Just a little family FYI for you. Our MIL is a hoot and I love her dearly!

The kids mom said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only mom that makes gross food. If my kids had their way they would eat PB&J for every meal.

Queen of Chaos said...

hahahaha! This is great!

kdaygirl said...

Greasy sweets. UHG that makes those yummy bites sound terrible! I love kids speak.

Baden and Emily said...

My kids do eat pb&J for every meal!Hahaha ohh the memories! Baden and I had a good laugh while reading this post and remembering all of their kidspeak like 'sleep-eating'.