Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Stuff

My friend Nancy turned me on to a great, free downloadable program that you can turn your blog into a book. Instant Journal!!! There are multiple other book ideas you can use this program for as well. CHECK IT OUT I'm hooked.

If you haven't been using your blog follower what are you waiting for!! It saves me lots of time and I never have to play catch up with my favorite blogs. Check it out on you dashboard.

4 friends said...:

Elissa said...

I checked it out. Interesting. Does it work with Blogger or did you have to cut and paste?


Queen of Chaos said...

Awesome! And it's not that expensive either!!! I'm totally going to do this. Thanks a bunch for passing this on.

I like my blog as a jouranl...so this is just what I would like to have.

Keep up with your 'Journal Jar' entries. This would be way cool for posterity purposes. I am following your JJ entries too...I need to do your 'Purposal' one on my blog.

shaina said...

I've been doing mine for a few weeks, a little bit at a time. I've got a lot of blog entries, so I will be lucky if I'm done by the end of the year!

shaina said...

Are you still alive?