Friday, July 11, 2008

So here is a slide show of some highlights from our trip. You can scroll over the pictures for captions. We had lots of fun playing. Garin and I went to lunch and a small farmer's market the day he arrived. Besides all the places we went while we were there, the kids had lots of fun playing in water and such in the backyard and playing games and doing puzzles. Max came too and he loved having the freedom of the backyard as well, he has been a little sad since hes been home with less freedom. We did have a few days down because Amellia got sick (poor little thing). She was so sad because everyone was eating ice cream and she couldn't. One game we was a memory game that all the cards are different kinds of candy. One of the nights Amellia was sick she was hallucinating about the candy in the game and it was making her nauseated. I felt bad for her but it was so funny too.
We took a geology tour the day before we left that was pretty cool, Riley and I love rocks. Finally all the girls except Amellia came home with the chicken pox! I think that is why Amellia was sick. As of last night poor Garin has them now too.
So now were are back at home sweet home and we're slowly getting back into a routine.

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Elissa said...

Wished we could have met up with you while you were up here. You were SO CLOSE to us! Maybe next time you come for a visit we can meet in the middle.

Now you will have to send me all the neat places you visited so when we have time we can see them, too.

shaina said...

Oh no! you guys have the chicken pox? That's teerrible!! Hope it doesn't last long.
by the way, the castle book is by EK Success and it's chipboard, or heavy cardboard. It comes white. I just covered it with sandpaper. I think your idea of it being a princess castle sounds really cute!

Gumbie said...

I had a great time on our trip. It always makes me wish that I was independently wealthy so that I could be home all the time and we could go on trips all over the world.
I love the pictures of us (you look great!) and the girls, you did a awesome job. I love you! G

Spekah (and also Maddog) said...

hey bethany- I wanted to show you these links in case you hadn't seen these. Both have Disneyland/world freebies. For your trip.

Spekah (and also Maddog) said...


Queen of Chaos said...

Super fun times in Washington! I enjoyed your slide show.

I feel so sad for you all with chicken pox!! What a welcome home present. haha

Hope you guys get better quickly--and Garin...don't scratch! hehe