Sunday, June 1, 2008

Want something fun to do?

If you want something fun to do this summer with your family you should try 'Letterboxing'. This is a fun activity that we like to do. It is kind of like a treasure hunt.

You get to find hidden stamps that you stamp into a notebook to keep as a collection of where you have been. There are boxes all over the US and you have probably been near one and didn't even know it! Here's what you need:
- a small notebook, the thicker the paper the better.
- a stamp and ink pad. Something that represents who are or something. A lot of letterboxers make their own stamps. We have yet to venture into this, maybe this year?
- a fun nick-name for your family, we are the 'letter-tigers' I don't know why, our girls chose it.
- an adventurous spirit. Some of the clues are easy, some are hard, some are easy to find, some are really hard or missing. It's better to prepare to have fun if you find the box or not.
- a clue. Below is where to get your clues. When you find the box you stamp and sign your book with the stamp you find and record the when and where. Then you stamp the book in the box with your stamp and when and where you are from. It is fun to see all the other people.

To get started follow this LINK. It will take you a website to get clues and more info on this hobby. This summer we want to hide our first box. If you do it, post your adventure, we'd love to see what you find!
Happy Hunting!!!!

4 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

So fun! We're totaling going to do it!

It sounds a lot like geo caching- which Warren and I love to do. This will be something the kids would love. Now off to come up with a cool name...

THANKS for sharing this, Bethany.:)

Shavonne said...

This does sound really fun. How long have you been doing it? Neat, I'm going to look it up!

The Girls' Mom said...

We started last year, of course it isn't very easy to do in the winter, there are only a few that are ever indoors.

The Free Family said...

You always find the most cool and fun things to do....I'm going to be your permanent copycat!