Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Potty training can be so FUN(NY)

For those of you are easily grossed out I warn you to scroll away and do not read :) But if you like to laugh, carry on.

Mommy is in the shower; while she has finished with shampooing and such she is hoping for a minute to relax in the warmth of the water. The peace is broken by a 2 year old bursting in to say "Mommy, I have to go potty." Never mind that there is another bathroom that is unoccupied. But to be encouraging Mommy invites her in. A few seconds pass as Olivia makes her preparations and climbs on to the toilet. Mommy decides it is best to get out. Olivia then says with strain in her voice,"Mommy, I'm going poo-poo."

"Good job!" Mommy replies.

"It's a snake one." Olivia declares.

" Oh, really?!" Mommy says with feigned surprise.

"Mommy, a ladybug, you have to see this!"

"Where is it?"

"Right there."

" Right where? On the floor or your foot?"

" No, right there." Olivia says pointing into the toilet.

As mommy looks in she sees what definitely looks like a snake and little nugget that is uncannily shaped like a ladybug.

Now if I can only get her this interested in cloud shapes.

3 friends said...:

Gumbie said...

Even though you told me this story over the phone, I still laughed outloud when I just read it! She is such a funny little kid. These are the times we can just grin from ear to ear and say..."life is good".

shaina said...

Nice mommy story, talking about poop. We love our kids a lot if we can talk about their poop with such ease!

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh my! :) Thanks for really I'm glad you are blogging. I love reading about you and your family. I miss you to Bethany. We will get together soon...