Tuesday, September 18, 2007


On September 12-13th Garin and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary (that was on August 14th). We decided to celebrate a little bigger this year for reasons that don't really matter anymore but we had a great time and it was a nice get away. On the 12th we headed down to Provo to stay at The Hines Mansion, a bed and breakfast that is in a 108 yr old mansion in downtown. It was a beautiful home and room. Our room was called Winter Dreams.
After arriving and settling in we headed out for dinner at Chili's where we met up with a coworker of Garin's and his wife. That was an adventure with a server named Honeyman and his crusade for St. Jude's hospital. After dinner and our great escape from Honeyman we went on our way to the highlight of the night... The MUSE concert!!

We love this band! They are Garin's favorite and this was his first concert.
We had great time and they do an awesome show! If you haven't heard of them you should check them out. I love the songs Invincible and Starlight.

At the end of our long night we went back to our room for a night of rest and relaxation with no kids sneaking into our bed. AHHHH! Nine years and counting........... so far, "together we're invincible."

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Queen of Chaos said...

What a wonderful way to reconnect and have fun! Happy anniversary and cheers to eternity!