Sunday, January 9, 2011

A good read

I've been enjoying a good read to night going over old blog post. I've missed blogging a lot but didn't realize how much until tonight.
I spend most days feeling like my brain is fried and lately my post show it. I've tried to get at least a picture off and a caption but even then that only lasted 3 days.
I loved reading my post from when I used to have a thought-full brain, that was well rested and used.
I see now that I need to make an even greater effort at blogging to find some 'me' time and find myself in all the muddle above my neck.

2 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

I think most of us go through phases. Blogging reflects what's going on in ones life.

It's ok that you've been so busy. You've been taking care of what's most important. Your family.

As for ME time...I know how that feels! Sometimes, I feel like screaming, "I want to be alone!" lol

PS} I couldn't wait to do the burlap wreath! {It's cute! Check my blog.}
We can do one together later- I'd like to make another one for my entry way. It's super easy.

Wendi and Matt said...

Well, to be on the positive you are posting! :) I am sorry. I hope it gets better and you will be able to have ME time! (which is MUCH needed!)