Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Sampler

These are a few of the things we have been up to.

I have been sewing like crazy. I made a 'boppy' pillow {which I will post about after I finish the covers}, a shower curtain job for my FIL, and these cute dolls.

These are Wee Wonderful dolls. I just love them. They are so cute and it is fun to think of new characters to come up with from the original pattern.They belong to Olivia, Amellia and Claire. Livvy named hers and one I made for Daphne 'Pickle'. I couldn't figure it out, forever, why she thought of that name. Then Riley clarified it for me. The original doll pattern is named Olive- Olivia, strangley, can't say it or won't and calls olives- pickles. She is a weirdo. Amellia and Claire keep changing the name of their dolls per their mood or game.

This is a picture of some yummy vampire teeth that Bekah sent us in a fun package the other day. They are made out of chocolate and pretzels.

This is a fun game we made up today called Tushie Tag. Whoever is 'IT' gets to use the tongs and pinch the tushie of whom ever they can catch. This person then becomes 'IT'. Fortunately, their hands are small and can't pinch too hard.

1 friends said...:

shaina said...

The dolls look great!! Love the little ruffle you added on.
I'm glad my tushie isn't anywhere near those tongs!