Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Claire turns SIX

Where does the time go when our little ones grow up. On Monday Claire turned six years old!

Here are 6 things that are great about Claire:
  1. She is super cuddly!
  2. She gets excited about things she learns.
  3. She has an active, inventive imagination- she never stops talking to whatever is around her. This is a funny 'conversation' I over heard her playing one toy to another: "who are your friends?" REPLY " The Italians" REPLY "AHHAHHH" REPLY FROM ANOTHER MYSTERY GUEST "She doesn't like Italians."
  4. She is mischievous.
  5. She is loving.
  6. She loves the Savior and cherishes the scriptures.
Claire chose an ice cream cake that was made with Funfetti cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream that had to be topped with a big number 6. Her dinner of choice was Gouza! Of course we had to have the Free's over for cake, we can't do anything without them! She got lots of fun presents and had a good time playing.


4 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Happy birthday to adorable Claire!! :)

Kenna Wilson said...

I cannot believe she is that old. Your girls are beautiful!! I hope you are doing well. I miss your girls.

Shavonne said...

Beth-Ann, Rebekah and I want to try to catch a letterbox while we're at Gardon of the Gods, so just a heads up if you wanted to bring your letterbox kit! We want to get Shaina introduced. Thanks so much for introducing us to it, we love it!

The Free Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Claire you are a sweetheart!
P.S. The cake was super yummy!!