Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If you have not read Breaking Dawn, this post isn't for you.

It was breaking dawn when I finished this book this morning. I'd been counting the days to its release. Now I think I'm almost in shock, I'm going to have to read it again. It was certainly nothing I expected. I liked it but I'm not sure it is my favorite of the 4, but a good read for sure. My favorite part of the book aside from always Edward was Renesmee (I'm so glad Bella sounded it out for us). I haven't been a fan of Jacob's but he redeemed himself to me in this book. I do not like Bella as a vampire. While she whine's a lot less it gets boring when she isn't needing to be saved as much. What did you love or hate?????

3 friends said...:

shaina said...

I agree that this book was different. I don't think it was my favorite either, but I like that she became a vamp and that it suited her. No regrets, ya know. I'm glad Charlie has some sort of sense that things are different. Glad Jacob redeemed himself too.

Spekah (and also Maddog) said...

Ok- so here's my take- I'm torn. New Moon will always be my fav (I know it's not the popular choice) but I needed resolve so I enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I liked hearing from Jacob's point of view, I always felt like he go shafted. I LOVED the whole Renesmee (HATE the name) Jacob thing- LOVE IT! Love Bella's change- Alice's side of the story was great, I wanted a fight but I loved meeting the new vamps (yea Garrett and Kate), BUT.... I want more. I wish there was more. I wanted a fight- I want to see more Renesmee, Jacob, and Jacob and Bella.

The Free Family said...

I loved this one, but I'm thinking it's because I needed the closure on things. I just wish there would've been a fight with the Volturi. Walk away??? BORING!! All in all I can't wait to read it again. I would love to see a story continuation with Jacob/Renesmee and then maybe THEY could take the Volturi down.