Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our fun get-away..

Finally, after about a week of getting back to normal I have a chance put up some pictures. While it is always nice to be at home, we didn't want to go home back to the cold and snow from the sunny 60F beautiful weather! The wedding was lovely and a happy time being with family. My parents rented a house so that we could all be together, have a place to hang out and let the kids play.

The hot tub was an added bonus we all enjoyed:

Amellia, Riley, my nephew Parker, Olivia and Claire
The happy couple, Matt and Wendi Murray were sealed in the Mesa Temple on January 19th.

David and Rebekah Murray

Our family

Dad and Mom

Lorna and Daphne Christopherson.

Baden and Emmaleigh Neilson and their boys, Wyatt, Parker and Troy.

On our way home we made a quick stop at the Hoover Dam. I've always wanted to drive over the Dam. It is interesting to see it in real life, not quite what I expected. We didn't get out and tour it because well, the thought of a side walk that looks over a huge dam and my {overly excited and curious} children sent me into a panic. It ended up being really busy that day as well. Speaking of panic, check out the bridge they are building to divert traffic from being on the dam! That's one I will have to close my eyes for next time I head down that way!
You can see the dam in the bottom of this picture to get perspective on the height.
This is where it will connect on the other side.

6 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Great pictures, Bethany! I'm glad you posted them. Having you here was so fun and I'm glad your family had an enjoyable time.

I didn't realize that Hoover Dam was building another freeway. Cool...and yes, I think it looks SCARY too!

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm sad I didn't get a picture with you.

Queen of Chaos said...

Bummer- I know. Oh, well. I will be seeing you in March. Maybe then?

shaina said...

It was great to see all your siblings and their families. Everyone looks so great! Finally, I saw a family picture of you!!
Thanks for posting them.

The Girls' Mom said...

Shaina- I'll be sending you one.

sharon c... that's me said...

your family is so cute, you guys are great friends! i drove over the dam when we went to az. for christmas, it really is an amazing structure!