Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rag Curls

When I was a little girl, I used to always see my grandma curl her hair for Sunday morning with strips of brown paper bag. I don't really know or remember how that came to be her choice over rags but I think some of it may be that she grew up in an atmosphere of using whatever you had.

I loved to have my hair done that way. I can distinctly remember the crinkle that it would make when I would have to sleep on it. My favorite part was the tight ringlets that it would produce. I had hair down to my waist until I was about 12 years old. I would have my mom roll the hair up wet the night before church so that Sunday morning she could brush it out into a gorgeous POUFFF. Even my bangs! I laugh and cringe at that now when I think about it. I'm sure glad my taste and style has changed. ;)

Now my children love to have their hair done in rag curlers. I opt not to use the so tight paper bag curlers on them, though. Instead, we 'up-cycle' our tights that get runs in them. I cut the legs off the tights into 3-4 pieces a leg. The thickness of the tights give a nice size ringlet. I refuse to brush their hair into that previously mentioned beautiful poufff. After undoing the rag curler, I twist each ringlet with my finger and a little texture cream or mousse. This gives a much smoother and cuter 'Shirley Temple' affect. After a day I will then brush it out for a softer look.

Who knew that brown paper bags and tights with runs in them could produce such endearing memories?

5 friends said...:

Linnea said...

I need to learn how to do this!

Wendi and Matt said...

I want to see the end result!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

CUTENESS! I think you should frame this photo, and put it in your girls' downstairs bathroom. It's seriously adorable. B&W photo would be cute.

Thanks for sharing your memories. :)

I've never done this before, but it reminded me when my mom would put the pink sponge rollers in our hair on Saturday night, so we'd have curly hair for church. I loved the look...but I didn't like sleeping in those awful pink plastic thingys!

Ummm, where's the "after' photo? lol

Syssa said...

Oh yeah my mom used to do this with her knee high tights! Oh yeah I had the poouf too but mine were on display for everyone at dance competitions to see! AHH it was awesome living in the 80s and 90s hu?!

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