Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Give Thanks at the Rememberence"

Amellia took this picture of a beautiful sunset we were blessed with the other night.

Each year I yearn for a more thankful Thanksgiving. The make up of Halloween is barely washed off before the gaudiness and materialism that clouds Christmas is upon us. We can scarcely find a quite moment or honorable nod to the toil of those who built our nation and left us with the plenty abound. And just as He is slowly erased from his own birthday celebration, remembrance to our Savior and our Father are replaced with gluttony. 
I cannot say that I have not fallen prey to forgetfulness. I cannot allow myself to get caught up again. I feel this pull to gratitude when I reflect on my life. We all have joys and trials that have made our lives what they are and who we are. 
I felt there was risk this year for us to be caught up in all the bustle of our life. We are in the middle of so much change and chaos that I have felt out of myself. I didn't want to loose another holiday season to regret and missing precious moments. I think Heavenly Father heard my thoughts when I received a post that was sharing a Thanksgiving Devotional. 
An inspiring family has created this daily devotional for the Thanksgiving season. I really feel that it has made a difference, at least for me. I may not see the affects on my children for years but I know that their souls cannot helped but be touched by the scriptures, poems and stories. 
If anyone is interested in this devotional here is the LINK.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Having a truly thankful heart makes ALL the difference. I've had to learn this. It never came naturally for me.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. :)