Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift idea...

This is a tile cutting board/ trivet. This is a project I like to make for wedding gifts. It is quick to put together, looks nice and very useful. I love the one I made for myself.

What you need is:
1 - 12 inch granite or marble tile
4 -oak buttons
hot glue or liquid nails

Glue each oak button to the four corners of the unfinished side of the tile.

When the glue is dried, flip it over and add any other items you'd like. It doesn't wrap well so I prefer to just decorate it with a bow.

2 friends said...:

shaina said...

That is really simple! I loved the pot holder. If you made it, I insist on getting the pattern! It's totally cute.

The Girls' Mom said...

Well I can't take credit for the hot pad. Better homes and Garden at Walmart.