Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I should be packing right now but I'm procrastinating. Its probably because our fridge finally came today and I am so excited won't fit!!! thanks to a crooked wall. We have to remove part of the door frame to get it in and because we are leaving tomorrow and my hubby will not be home at a decent hour today I have a beautiful, working fridge right in the middle of my already cramped kitchen. In fact to get to my laundry room I have to use the garage. Soooo anyway I'm not really complaining because it is very nice to have this modern day convenience back in my life, I'm just, well... *sigh*

Have a nice weekend! We will, relaxing at the Caribbean of the Rockies.

4 friends said...:

Queen of Chaos said...

Hey, it's worth it to have a fridge back, right?!

I hope you have a blast...come back with lots of pctures to share!

Baden and Emily said...

Sorry about yur fridge! I hate living out of coolers. I just can't beleive youve been doing it for so long!

PLEEEAAASE take me with you!!!!

shaina said...

I hear ya with the whole fridge fiasco. Bummer about that.

I've never heard of the caribbean ofthe rockies. sounds and looks lovely!!

Queen of Chaos said...

When you get home- come look at my blog. You've won a prize!!